Saturday, December 13, 2008

Don't Keep Quiet

I keep seeing gleaming little nuggets of press about new infrastructure projects being undertaken as a government response to the current economic reality. To begin with I am clear in my understanding that government was a primary driver, cause, source of our economic reality and I am clear in my aversion to any more government "help".

That being said I am finding it amusing - (the type of amusing that one would have watching a small child make the same mistake again and again - except with the child, it's cute and, generally, they learn) that "we" are latching on to solutions that were so "successful" in response to the depression of the late 20's and early 30's.

My argument here is to point out the complete futility of the most vocal of our government, to point out that the people that are "supposed" to know the answer and the people that say they "know" the answers are simply incapable of seeing anything new, of considering thought options outside their realm of comfort. The government needs to get it's hands off my business and out of my life...but since that's not happening...let me point out this:

Why would we think that investing in the same infrastructure we did back in the 30's is the best way to invest today? The grand plan? Invest billions in roads and bridges and construction...well the first thing I think is...the auto makers are essentially bankrupt, no one has any money to buy cars, gas is a finite resource, pollution from emissions is not positive for the environment...and yet - all the brilliance of our "leaders" and all they can come up with is: Build roads and bridges?

Wow are we in trouble. It's not horrifying enough that there are very few people in positions of public power that feel like government needs to get out of the way but even the "solution" of the talking heads in leadership positions can't get outside of their minuscule world views.

Somehow there is actually a level worse than the government basically nationalizing everything. If I were a bought and paid for politician I would, at least, try to maintain some sense of adventure and progress. The people we have are so awful and ignorant that their best response is to continue throwing money at something that was an "answer" 80 years ago. Where are the scientists? Where are the visionaries?

The leadership on a national level with a few exceptions is morally bankrupt. It is up to private citizens and anyone still in a position of leadership in opposition to the "popular" ideas of today to lead the way, to stand up in whatever way they (you) speak up and out, to talk to friends and family. I am not sure what exactly we can do to combat what is nothing short of a criminal takeover of all the things that made us the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA but I know that I am not going to keep quiet about it and I hope you don't either.

These are trying times - keep your wood and your family close.

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