Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bush Has Finally Brought Democracy, Freedom And Peace To Iraq

He dodged those shoes like he was looking for he was eager to dodge them.

When I heard the story of the shoe throwing - I said, after about 5 minutes of hearing - it's a setup.  Bush doesn't have net-positive moments.  He has moments where you feel embarrassed for him or saddened by the general state of disorder but he doesn't have moments where he has positive effects, he can't.  And he doesn't.

The effect I saw in the show throwing event was that Bush (and this is truly, truly ingenious and as truly destructive ) got to talk about democracy working.  He got to talk about America's Success in Iraq and he got to actually be condescending to a nation that he has had great influence in destroying.  Bush got to take credit for doing something that never happened.  The Iraq war...  Democracy?  Freedom?  Peace? 

As Auntie would say - Shut the front door - 

As I would say -
What the fuck?

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