Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The border ran through what you know as *where??*

What would it have looked like if the south had won the war? What cause could cause so many to fight and die?

The moral superiority of the North during the War of Aggression has been hidden and mislabled and we have been made into liers and decievers even as we fight, blindly, against it.

All for a tax.

Lincoln wanted a tax on Southern Ports -

The South said - this is not who you are supposed to be -
and would not pay the tax

The North said - this is for the greater good -
The South said - we just fought to get rid of you! How did you come back so fast?-
The North said - you will die
and came for the South
The South said - I must defend my home, my way-

The North said --Ohh you have slaves...we must free them--
The South said -- what business is it of yours?
The North made it their business and ever since has deflected the true start of the civil war, the real reason...

Government imposing on people.

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Anonymous said...

If the government didn't impose on the people!?

Slavery and racial divide would most likely be much larger than it is today. Thank you to the Yankees and not the ones from N.Y.