Saturday, November 1, 2008

You want Prediction...We are in the house of the criminal!

You want prediction? I will give you prediction.

Something that we call "the federal government" and organizations/people/corporations that have grown up around it in the last few decades want a nation full of irresponsible, stupid, greedy, arrogant people. And to get them they are offering to "bail them out" of their irresponsible, stupid, greedy, arrogant mortgages. Why else would you give someone who borrowed money with nothing of their own down, then took out equity that they didn't really have when prices went up to buy more shit that they can't afford? Why would you do that? Well - If I were such a person or entity I would do it because that's the type of person I want to rule. I don't want the smart, informed investor getting it easy because people like that may know more about me or what I do. People that didn't all jump in at the same time for the free lunch are most likely smart and informed in other areas of their politics or energy policy or general common sense. If a certain entity wished to have a nation full of greedy and stupid borrowers what better a way to reach out to them than to reward the greed and stupidity that got them there in the first place.

I believe we have a take over taking place in our country. I believe that "the powers that be" are hidden but are becoming more and more visible because they must. I believe this has been happening for decades and this last move, the bailout, the bailout the one of the final nails in the coffin for liberty and independence in the United States.

I believe the powers that be will continue to reward the most ignorant and most responsible while those that spent more of their efforts on smart investment are left to suffer the consequences and to shoulder the burden of payment of others debts.

What is happening in the United States today is a criminal and treacherous assault, possibly a final assault before the defenses fall, on the sovreignty of our country. In short - I believe that the common, concerned, informed citizen of the United States is at war with his/her government and I believe that unless we, the common, we, the informed find some way to unite, some way to change the projected path we will find ourselves unable to survive no matter what we do as a result of the criminal economic policy that is now being forced upon us.

How to do it? Get off your ass and start getting uncomfortable. Start fighting. Vote the bastards out. And if your particular bastard wins, don't stop...keep fighting till you win...believe me, soon enough you will see that our ability to even fight will be diminished because of further restriction based on further implementation of criminal economic policy that rewards stupidity, laziness and greed and stifles honest, dedicated action.

It is a terrible time in our nations history - possibly the most terrible...but it has been created by the scoundrels we have elected and even though we are losing the power to even have our one vote make a difference, WE HAVE NOT FULLY LOST IT. And the trump card, our trump card, is that WE are not terrible people. We are decent, honest, hardworking's just that we have been so focused on the charade that the bastards have been wanting us to focus on that we haven't seen the gradual pressure, the chipping away at our independence...we haven't seen it because we haven't wanted to see it, because we believe that hard work will win out, because we still believe in the American Way.

That's the thing to remember. It is us that still believe. The scoundrels and criminals making these laws and policy, stopped believing a long time ago in the American Way...they believe in something else...but guess what...They have holy hell coming to them, they will face a reckoning of good hearted crusaders that will crush their kind out of existence...

But you must first stand up and declare yourself AWARE.
And then you must ACT in a way that is consistent with that AWARENESS.

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