Thursday, November 20, 2008


Yes the seeds...they grow fast...

Here is an article that I have sent to the Burlington Free Press about the City Hall confusing their authority...


Thank goodness for Burton and other companies and individuals with their spirit, they, not city government are the best things we have going for us.  Burlington is Burton Town, who the hell does city hall think they are?

I have never been more motivated to make a change than I was today when I read about the City Councils vote to “encourage” Burton to sit down with the offended parties.

Wake UP! There was no law broken!  The City council of Burlington is not tasked to advise on private business. 12 of the 13 councilors (good for you Paul Decelles) have just demonstrated their belief in the role of government.  Take note!

And to the “12”…Thank you, from another Burlington business owner, for the real world example of what a possible future could look like here in Burlington, I will definitely consider it when I think of investing.  It’s not bad enough that you are abusing the power vested to you by the people (and when I say people I mean the thousands, not the dozens) but also who among you has any experience generating the tax dollar that you sit and spend so casually?  Who among you has created something for the market?  Who among you has employed?  Who among you has felt the responsibility of business ownership? 

Unless we quickly and clearly and completely adjust our priorities business will continue to leave and more will stay away, the tax base will continue to erode and citizens will bear a heavier burden than they do now.  Either that or we will become the suburb of New York, Boston and, oh yes, Montreal, a boutique city devoid of its soul.

I love Burlington, but I don’t love the City council and from a business perspective it makes me want to stop throwing good money after what seems to be bad.  There is spectacular beauty here, arts, music, there is a flow and a vibe that is contingent not on government intervention but on the free market, the entrepreneurial spirit.  Authoritarianism doesn’t suit us and is in fact treacherous to who it is we really are or at least who I am.

So in the spirit of the town meeting I hereby issue a challenge to any and all dissenters to the belief that Burlington’s City council has completely, inexcusably, and irrevocably abused the “power” vested to it by the people.  Lets get it on the table in a public debate…I have the perfect place and it’s the perfect time, come forward or forever keep your peace.

Until then you can find me on my Baron 172 floating down the mountain focused only on the best line and freshest track.


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