Monday, November 3, 2008

What would I do if I were Really Elected?

I would watch and record and show whomever cared to see.

I would go slowly

I would begin almost immediately at looking at cutting millions in taxes - letting people keep as much of their money in their pocket.

So we don't need social welfare.

But it's gonna take a change. And it's gonna take unwavering support and organization.

I will go slowly and I will observe, record and talk to whomever cared to do the same.

I will begin talking about a new structure - not fixing the old one
at least as it applies to our government
I do not feel the same way about our Judicial system - I think the genius in our one system is it's dedication and complete dependence on a system and not a human.

The problem is, as we are seeing, that when humans begin to judge other humans we on the edge of insanity - it's a long history - so it's a long edge
but now that I think about it like that - 2012 isn't so far off.

I want to stop it.

We are humans - we are the greatest of all - you are...and that women on Moore's new net film in the wheelchair - "wtf" the beautiful people would said - even she, was, at one time, the greatest.

But now all she is, she who sits in her chair and begs for things and 10 bottles of pills and actually takes them - she is where we are heading.

We cannot beg for things and then be upset when we don't get them.

I keep hearing about all this Federal Money that's all of a sudden floating around - all of a sudden when money is much tighter for a lot of people - there's millions of dollars from the feds..."wtf" beauties...

federal money is not good for vermont - why are we doing this, I ask?
but it doesn't matter.

What matters is that we STOP

As I do it now - i wonder if my life is in danger - and maybe it is...and if what i believe is true


then my life is in danger.

slavery is coming.
it's actually already here.

wake up and make some noise.

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