Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What I want to see in the world

I want to see people tearing through life
free from the chains of fear
without hope
because the way they live their lives is contradictory to what hope means

strong in themselves
with the type of confidence that corrupts todays meaning of that word
it's not confidence
it's Living

It feels like I can't go back
and I think - why would I want to?

Like having left out into the snow on a dark and cold night
with no destination in mind
other than the destination I left behind
the journey to yourself is full of necessary darkness
sparks of great light
brighter than anything you could imagine
light that burns the contradictions to ash
and warms your body with laughter

But when 
in the night
you are on the journey
and there is no spark
(because there won't always be)
it is easy to get lost
(because you are far from home)
and the only home you know
is your old home
where you lived with sorrow and fear and shallowness

and those things wait for you - if you turn back...

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