Monday, November 3, 2008

Nectar's is the shit

I gotta say.

I don't say it enough.

It's a serious muthafucker for serious muthafuckas - rookies and even semi-pros get kicked out here on their chapped asses.

and great people have come and gone for all various reasons.

and I have certainly made some really bad decisions...

mostly about the chocolate milk...

But "Mellow"...
what kind of article for Burlington was this guy writing?

Burlington is "turning to local"?
where has he/she (it's not worth knowing) been for the last 30 years?

I wonder about the "oldest corral reef" comment. I haven't heard that...but maybe it's me.

So here's my take on Nectar's...

it shakes -

in fact it literally does - the floor shakes on hundred year old, giant crossbeams

on the bigger nights when 800 come through the doors - the chandelier is bouncing

live music - and mostly rippin,
local musicians
most always a party

food, and gravy fries and hot turkey sandwiches - now with Vermont Turkey because I can. Not because it's local - fuck that.
I need value...i can't go that local road -

ohh wait

I can - at $1.29 a lb for turkey - from Stonewood Farm right here in Vermont.

smothered in the gravy made from boiling down the turkeys...we call it Nectar's Gold

and we bottle it.

The first press is always the best and darkest and makes the richest gravy -

and we sell fries and gravy - by the thousands - and we are just getting started again.

it's been a long road - but the spirit and the battle of live music and performance and art and technology (look for Nectar's on second life).

7 bands in a night sometimes -
two floors
30 staff on max nights

free wings whenever the Redsox play the Yankees..

and they're damn good wings too.

So to you - NYT...

"mellow", local as new,

WTF - the beautiful people would say...

Burlington's way cooler
you missed it.

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