Tuesday, November 4, 2008

i apologize for my writing.

and to alex.

what an ass I am...most times.
most times.

its election night and there is a lot rolling around in my head.  

my cowardice writing part of it.

not trusting anyone
and not knowing WHAT the hell to think?

all this noise
all the noise.

I am tired and I want to ski
and ride
the powder of the vermont winter...
big powder chant
big powder chant
big powder chant

I was such an asshole today - an incredible, dull, asshole.

I think there is something special about what makes Nectar's...
the drive for something new - 
what's next
what's next
no sleep
except good sleep

I gotta find another way to do it cause I am not doing.  There is help - but they need help.

I am interested for the results we see tomorrow.

what would happen if McCain wins?
what would happen if Obama wins?

In vermont the governor could be decided in the senate, by the speaker of the house, against the independent democrat.


then there's me.
whatever it means -

I am very curious to see.

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