Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Foundation...

I feel the foundation building
and it feels like it's been building for 38 years
does it take that long?
for me it does (did)

It's about choice.
It's about a philosophy that dictates action.
It's about honesty.
It's about pain and fear 
and about the reaction to both.
It's about joy and truth
and the connection between them.

It's about clarity
and expression.

It's about strength
It's about knowing yourself
It's about not giving up
even after you give up.

The foundation is being built
and soon the house will be built on the foundation
and it will be a simple house
and stronger than anything else possible
because of the foundation.
And it will be stark - in contrast - 
to the rest of the whirled
and stand as an example of safety for some
and hate for others
and strength and truth and understanding
and finally, 
for others.

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