Monday, November 3, 2008

For some reason I have wanted my words down on public record.

and I enjoy typing.

But I am writing, with a pen, on paper (recycled paper, though) - and I expect hand cramps - but I know the cure to those - just ease up on the writing...

boy i have felt like shit lately - last couple days - too much candy and shit in my body -

I can feel it.

So i have "run" for election -
funny word

It may be more accurate to say I have "run from" election
after running to it.

I certainly didn't run to win and I have figured out what that means yet...

But i did run and i did so reaching out and talking - I wrote a few things -

angry and truthful...

and something about Peter Welch that was my most passionate
and most restrained...

I think it could have gotten me the "mellow" award from the NYTizzle -

They got it wrong anyway - I wrote about it -

but you can't help but think of it.

Conspiracy? All this blog is is a public document -
who knows where it really goes -
I mean
in goes the meaning

and it doesn't come out? That's not the laws of physics? geometry? sprituality?

or is it...

and if I win I will make a whole lot of noise and maybe more if I don't.

But i am not saying the types of things that are good for my health.

What would I really do if somehow I got elected?

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