Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After

The day after.

Screaming in the streets 

what did we win?

so much youth

with the word


Do they know it is just a word?


Mojo said...

Freedom used to be "just a wrod" too. Every great structure, every great movement, every great thing comes first from a thought, then a word, then an action.

Actions must be made for sure to solidify the thought and drive home the word. But sometimes a word is all one needs to take that extra step to make that thought an action.

"Change" was a thought ofn the minds of many Americans. :Change" was a word on the lips of many conversations. "Change" is an action we need to make.

Without "change" we are doomed to sit in a rut.

I want change.

damon said...

Ahh yes...going through this now is amazing...

You are right Mojo. And you should write more.

But change is such a big word.
It's not like Dog or Cat
those two words don't have all that much variance between the word itself and the image of the thing it's describing and certainly has a consistent representation, although subjective.

is such a big word.

So what is all the excitement about?

it's just a question.