Sunday, October 26, 2008

Roe V Wade - I never knew

I hung up campaign signs today.  They say BRINK on the top line and For VT State Rep on the bottom.  Bright orange paper with jet black letters as big as possible.  There was a strange but familiar pride that rose up in me as I saw my few signs still standing, even though it had only been an was strange because I thought I had rid myself of that least on that level...

But no.  And that's ok.  

I don't like putting signs up.  I don't like feeling like I have to convince people of my view and maybe that's a reason to not be in politics?  Fact is, I am already in least for now.  But the truth of it is - I feel like everyone has the ability to make a choice, of course...and in fact everyone one of us makes a choice every second of every day.  It's just that I don't like the choices a lot of people make and I don't think many understand the choices they make.

I made a choice to run for State Representative because, no matter how hard I tried to avoid it, there are idiots running our government.   And I say idiots in the most gentile's just all about more government, more more more more more more more more more more more more.

Goddamn I get fired up just writing about it.  You know how you can see outside yourself much clearly than you can see inside...or maybe it's more accurate to say it's more fun to point out the shortcomings of others than it is to focus that light on yourself...however you choose to think of is really not hard to see why more government is not the answer.

When you break it down to fundamentals - which is what I try to do - you can't have people ruling people - because people are fallible and opinionated and confused and emotional and child-like - among many other things - and todays government is a reflection of peoples ideas, peoples fears, peoples opinions.

The constitution was meant to take much of the opinion out of government.  It clearly states that any right not clearly stated as a right of federal government is a right of the state.  Couldn't be more clear...and if you read the constitution that way you will see that there are whole bunch of issues that come into direct conflict with that concept.  And what I have found is that it's much easier to be a constitutionalist than a liberal, conservative, democrat, republican or whatever...the issue is that if you are a constitutionalist you will have your current viewpoints challenged and the way you deal with that challenge will tell you how open a person you are.

For example - if you believe in the US constitution - you must also believe that Roe V. Wade is unconstitutional.  It's funny because I always thought that RoeVwade was a great thing...and it's not that I don't agree with the concept of a women's right to choose...there is a bigger issue...and the bigger issue is how we ensure a woman's right to choose.  What the court said in Roe V Wade was that THEY, the court, would ensure it.  In essence, the federal government would enforce a woman's right to choose.  This is a clear example of trying to get the desired effect by upholding the very thing that kills that effect...

You cannot have free choice, dictated by a government.

It is time to wake up understand what is underneath all of our presuppositions and beliefs and to question more than we ever have ALL that we think we know and the foundations of all our beliefs.  Not many people are doing this and you can see evidence of that fact in the craziness of the world we live in...and that's why  you will become much more vibrant and effective in the world, no matter how crazy it may be, if you check your foundations, check below your beliefs, underneath them and find out what is truly going on...and with that knowledge begin to ACT, ACT based not on fear but on an understanding of what it is you believe and what it is you want to uphold in the world.


Amanda said...

So I'm reading these latest words of wisdom, obviously from a woman's perspective, thinking
"holy crap, I'm not making my own decisions about my body after all".
We take for granted the liberties and "freedoms" that we are given without question... I hope more people will start to delve a little deeper and question those so called freedoms as you are!
I know I am thinking more. Thanks for that....

Erin said...

I understand your logic, Damon, but I have to disagree. Free choice is not dictated by government. It is protected by government, as it must be. The decision in Roe v. Wade is a vivid example of this irony: government is sometimes necessary to protect the people from government.

Without Roe v. Wade, constitutional rights would be trampled on by government dictating that women have no right to determine what is best for themselves and their bodies. Would you rather be told by government that you CAN choose, or that you CAN'T? It may not be free choice in your opinion, but it is still choice.

A key point is that the decision in Roe v. Wade outlined our constitutional right to PRIVACY. We all focus on it being the right to choose. This right is gingerly cradled by our right to privacy. Many people misunderstand this, and if they truly understood it they would feel differently about Roe v. Wade, because I think we can all agree that we, the people, have a constitutional right to privacy.

damon said...

amanda -
you can always make your own decisions. It's all we have. and always our choice. the whole point is that freedom cannot be given or taken...and anyone trying to convince us otherwise is a fraud.

keep thinking
keep asking quesitons

damon said...

Erin -
the difficulty that exists in this conversation is that the point is not whether or not anyone believes in Roe V Wade. That's not the point. What do the people who do not believe in Roe V Wade think? They think that their Constitutional rights were and I may not agree but there is a larger issue.

The issue of who determines freedom and rights.

By the supreme court dictating that this was a "right" they also allow precedent to dictate any number of it's a right of the Federal Government to tap phones or to arrest someone with out a warrant.

As I go forward in my understanding of how we are living I would rather have a world that accepted the differences that are so apparent and allowed us to choose for ourselves, than a world where someone was dictating what choice was. That may mean that some states "outlaw" abortion...but it also means that others states would not.

All I know is that if we give that type of power to a central government, like we have, we end up with...a central we have.

The constitution, in my opinion, was devised not to address specifics of human evolutional thought but to provide a framework for dealing with that allow each of us to have as much choice as possible...