Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pulling the weeds of corruption and confusion so that the garden can grow again

It's scary because we can't see the fruit now.  Our garden is overgrown with weeds, even some that look pretty with flowers but they aren't sustaining.  They just look pretty.  It's scary because when all you see is weeds all your life - you may not even realize they are weeds.  Especially if you are getting your food from the big store down the road.

But when prices for food keep going up and access to the store keeps getting more and more difficult you look to the only think you know for help...The big store.  But the big store isn't in the business of helping you.  The big store is in the business of helping themselves.  And because all you know is the weeds in your garden, because nothing has grown there before, because you have always been handed what you need in a way that makes you think you are earning it...because of those things you don't realize that there could be another way.  

Because the people at the big store have always told you that those weeds in your garden are supposed to be there, because they have taught you that the more weeds the better, especially the flowered ones, that look pretty...because they have taught you that there is only one way to get your know no other way.

And you don't realize that under all the weeds in your garden is fertile soil that can grow fruit.  But as your life constricts around you and options disappear like an October snow and you begin to feel the desperation of hope...things start to change.  Because what the store owners haven't considered is that no matter how hard they are human and your true nature is free life.

You see the big store owners don't want you to know that underneath all those weeds is fertile soil.  They don't want you to know that you can grow your own food.  They want you to look at them as a small child would look at a parent.  But you are not a small child.  And they are not a parent.  But because you have been taught to expect a certain way, one way, you are not used to the knowledge that there are other ways, many other ways.  

And, you have a choice.  You can continue to shop at the big store, with every contribution you make contributing to your slavery.  Or you can begin to pull the weeds and start to see for yourself.  Make no mistake, there will be difficult times...The big store doesn't want you to find out you can grow your own food and they will do all they can to stop you from gaining that knowledge.  They will pull out ever trick, they will manipulate you in ways you never imagined so you must be armed with the knowledge that you can grow your own food and with that knowledge comes the recognition that anyone who would prevent you from doing so does not have your best interest in mind.  Yes there will be difficult times while you pull the weeds.  The soil may need to be nourished, it may need fertilizer, it will be hard work.  But like with all gardens you will eventually get a yeild, you will produce for yourself, you can share your bounty with your neighbors and teach them about pulling the weeds.  The difference, the major and only difference between pulling the weeds and continuing to shop at the big store is this:

In one case you are more dependent and in the other you are less dependent.  Which would you rather be.

We need to start weeding our garden.  And pay no attention to the pretty weeds, they are only a distraction from that which bears fruit.  Start pulling the weeds.

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