Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lets Imagine

I have been congratulated a lot in the past week or so. People say it's because I am running for State Senate. I think it's funny because they are congratulating me on making a choice.   And I think the congratulations come from their recognition of what that my choice means to them. It feels kind of like a burden...running for office, I mean. I don't want to go out and glad hand and I won't. I don't want to try and talk people in to seeing my point of view.  I just want to put the message out there that there is another option. In fact that there are ALWAYS more options that we recognize. I think that we have become a society of caged animals and that's why everyone is going so one sees any options.

My job is to illuminate the options. I am the option illuminator - shedding light on previously dark and unknown places. What I wish for people is what I wish for myself; to not be afraid of the dark, to not be afraid of what you don't know, to not be afraid of what is different.

There are always different options. Always. There is no situation in our earthly creation where there are not at least two options...and most situations have too many options to count...what we, we funny people, are hesitant about are the EFFECTS of our options. We have it backwards...we make all the terrible things that could happen our reality and let that fear drive us towards making a decision.  We shut down any possibility we have to look at other possibilities, other options...because we are so afraid of what hasn't happened yet and what may never happen...we are so afraid of what we make up in our minds.

The trick is to jump right into the fear and swim around in it because when you do that you realize how much of the fear is irrational. When you are swimming in it, taking it in, being with's no longer's becomes an emotional reaction, just like any other emotional reaction - with no more power than you give it. And if you can do that - if you can own the fear, make the fear your bitch - it will allow your world to open to possibility, to options that come clear from the darkness.

In todays world we need options. The ocean of fear has been growing and is swallowing people whole and no one realizes they can simply float on top ... so everyone reacts, reacts, reacts...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGHGHGHGHGHGH we all scream.


we scream - help us, help us, help us, help us...please please please - help us...we scream...


no - i say.

take a breath and float. You can float. You can swim in the fear and not let it choke you. I know it may be hard but try it. Try it when you are by yourself. Imagine the worst. Really go there and get the worst of it and be rational and play the worst case scenario out in your mind, play it all the way to the end. Don't stop - keep going until you get to the end...You will know it.

And see how you feel.

Because what we need today, more than ever is to recognize our options and recognize how many there are and not pretend we know what's going to happen and allow that false reality to shut down our vision.  It's not about KNOWING THE WAY, because how can we ever "know", but it is about talking about ALL the ways and acknowledging that proclaiming to KNOW THE WAY is the same thing as shutting out your other options.  So I want to talk about other ways, other options.  I want to know how we can achieve joy and happiness in our lives - and I want to talk about them the way young children would...with no restraint, no hesitation and no fear. Let's imagine again.

Let's imagine again.

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