Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Joy or Insurance?

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in peoples minds - Samuel Adams

The first snowfall - October 29th - 2008.  Who says there's global warming?

I am ready for the snow.  Ready for the woods and the powder and the sharp, carving turn of my Burton snowboard as I rip and ride down the sides of mountains.  I will go to a place where I can be human.  Where my physicality takes over and where mental determination and conviction are necessary every moment.  A place where you get seriously hurt or even dead if you lie to yourself.  A place of great freedom and expression.  That's what snowboarding is to me.

My best friend in the whole world shared herself with me tonight and I am so honored by that sharing.  And humbled by her recognition.  In it I believe she will find the peace she is looking for - or at least she has opened another door.

The current system in the United States is in-humane and criminal.  We have all been led to believe that there is no other way.  Do you want me to prove it to you?  Ok.  Try to think of another way.  Try to envision a way to live, to exist, to prosper, to fulfill your dreams, to grow, to build, to banks, no insurance, no taxes, no charity, no welfare, no regulation, no paper money, no debt...Do these things seem crazy to you?  If so, why?

We have men and women, right now, that have animal hearts beating in their chests.  There are places, this minute, where atoms are being split against each other to create energy, I am pushing buttons on a flat, white board and words are appearing on a bright screen standing up in front of me and you are going to read them.

These are real things.

Now, why is it, again, that you cannot imagine a life without debt, without intrusive government, without insurance, without banks?  It's not because it's not possible...because in our lifetimes we have seen the impossible happen again and again.  So if you can't imagine a different way - it's time to begin questioning yourself.  It's time to look inside.  Because if you don't, if we all don't stop to look inside and face the truth of the lives we are living and the system we are living in we will find ourselves caged without bars and most likely we will find ourselves caged with bars as well.

You - YOU - cannot afford the luxury of your own dishonesty any longer.  We cannot afford your dishonesty.  My children and your children cannot afford your dishonesty.  

You say  you can't do anything - It's a lie.
You say it's too big - It's a lie.
You say it doesn't matter - It's a lie
You say you have to work - It's a lie
You say tomorrow - It's a lie
You say you're bummed out about it - It's a lie
You say you are going to really get the word out for change this time - It's a lie
You say there is finally someone "running" who can make a difference - It's a lie

Our banking system is a lie - Read "The Creature from Jekyll Island"
The Federal Reserve is a lie - Read the same
Capitalism is evil or broken - It's a lie - Read Ayn Rand
From each according to his ability to each according to his need - Karl Marx...Karl Marx was a coward and a scared little boy.

Start asking questions.  Don't stop asking questions.  Question everything, especially what you read in the paper and see on the news.  Search out answers for yourself and take nothing for sacred unless you see it, feel it, touch it...and then be cautious that you don't hang onto the knowledge...

Get more knowledge about what is going on in our world and how it is being manipulated.  Speak with compassion to others that don't quite get it or that aren't close to getting it.  Challenge lovingly.  Offer educated arguments, not answers.  Explore Everything.  And as soon as you find the answer - forget about it - it's not about the right answer...everything they taught us in school is a lie - that's how they were taught.  It's not about the right answer.

It's about how you live as a human being.  It's about our collective humanity.  It's about the fact that we all bleed red.  It's about celebration of life.

Is that how you live your life?

Or do you go to work, pay your taxes and take a vacation...hoping for a raise, hoping for business to pick up, hoping you don't get sick or your kids don't get sick, worrying about the value of your house, car, 401k?

That is what we have been talked into.  It is not a mistake.  It is not a coincidence.  We have chosen because we have been blindfolded to the truth - we have had it surgically removed from our consciousness...but as with the amputee - we can feel the shadow of it's existence within us.  We all know and yearn for freedom and love and supreme lightness.  Our way in the world can only be obscured it can never be eliminated.  

We, each of us, are the most supreme of all.  We are gods.  We are goddesses.  We are children.  We are love. 

It is not our destiny to pay taxes.
or insurance.

wake up and ask some questions and be assured, be assured that the joy you are's rightfully yours.

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