Friday, October 17, 2008

It is under this fall canopy - this quilt of beauty that I write now about another quilt, but this quilt is heavy and suffocating and poisonous. It is the quilt of our political system, no, not a quilt, a smothering blanket.

Before another word -

Nothing can and will intimidate me. I will not be oppressed. I will not blame. I will act in a way that upholds my belief that humans are wondrous beings and capable of the most joy. I invite you...

That is my disclaimer -

And now I have to write what I see...and what I see is a whole lot of MONEY - yup MONEY MONEY MONEY. How strange it is that with all this "Financail Crisis" going on, everything crashing and burning that all of sudden in the last week, yes 7 days, Vermont has come into more than 60 million dollars.


The first amount of money is for business development in the Northeast Kingdom and the second amount is for heating assistance throughout Vermont.

There is a very profound thing happening here and it requires a thought process that is free from emotion and judgement because if you allow emotion and judgement you will distract yourself from the fundamental problem.

There are two things that are crystal clear:
1-There are people in Vermont who may not be able to afford heating this winter.
2-Business development is important.

What is not crystal clear is HOW we address the two points above. And I am going to make the point that Federal Funds are NOT the way to do it, that in fact Federal Funding and the process of Federal Funding is poisonous to Vermont and actually directly contribute to the problem of people not having enough money to heat their homes and businesses not having enough money to develop.

The foundation of this belief is that self-sufficiency is the best method for promoting forces that contribute to money generation and business development. And the questions we must ask are:

What does it mean that Vermont can't support itself or that the people and businesses of Vermont can't support themselves without help from the Federal Government?

To me it means a few things:

1-There is something fundamentally wrong with the way that we view our economic engine
2-There is something fundamentally wrong with the way we politicize

First and most - the process that is happening here with this money coming into Vermont is a process of government. Our legislators, Pat Leahy, Bernie Sanders and Peter Welch beg, plead and bargain in Washington to secure money "from" the Federal Government to "bring" to the State of Vermont. To understand that this is the process is important. If the legislators weren't actively seeking this money we wouldn't be getting it.

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