Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I demand slavery for all doctors...

What does it mean if Health Care is a basic human right?

It means that someone must provide it because health care doesn't happen on its own.

So what does it mean for that "someone" who is providing it?

It means that they must provide it, for everyone, regardless of the amount of effort it may take, the amount of expense, or the amount of money they could make.  If health care is a basic human right then it follows that it MUST be provided for all.

And what does "all" mean?  

All means that health care must be provided (if it's a basic human right) for those people that don't live healthy lives, those people that take more risks.

Well what if Health Care was subsidized by the government, meaning what if government paid for medical school and research and technology and infrastructure and administration?

Can you imagine if the government tried to do all that...I can...I think it would like something like Social Security today or Medicaid or Medicare.

The bottom line is simple and undeniable.  If you consider Health Care a human right you must also consider the slaves you must have in place to ensure that human right.

Many, many, many are shouting, demanding, proselytizing health care as a basic human right with no consideration for what that would mean to the fabric of our society and with complete disregard for the work and investment of Doctors and hands on healers...

It is my opinion that the fantastic advances in health care have come as a result of individuals and companies to, in part, generate money as well as help their fellow man.  Regardless of either of those reasons - to demand healthcare as a human right is to make the provider of that healthcare a slave to that right.

It can't be that way. 

We cannot succeed by making others slaves to our demands.

And therefore we must abandon the thought that healthcare is a human right and free our minds to envision what healthcare...what health...what life...really is.

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Mojo said...

I am against Universal Health Care myself, but for different reasons than you seem to list here. But I do also think something should be done to get health care to those that don't have it.