Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a country walk in a troubled time and not so troubled a place

i knocked on doors today
in a small vermont town

in the rainy mist of october twilight
while the people settled down

i walked along a road and back
with vermont homes either side

i walked past where winter wood was stacked
and was asked to come inside

some people at their daily work
and others arriving home from theirs

it was the time of the beginning of the night
vermont families home to share

and i got a sense of the precious notes
that went on behind the doors
of all the families in that town
in spite of all our wars

warm fires burned in hearth and stove
and children home from school
and dinner made with love and time
THIS is the golden rule

and on i walked but shortly so
soaked with smile and rain
i loved the families for what they meant
and yearned to be back again

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