Friday, October 17, 2008


Morning time - well actually "My" morning time...1:45pm...

One of those days that feels like morning even late into the day.  The air is clear, the sky, blue with white/grey, fall clouds, you know it's crisp outside but it's of those days.

sitting at my table, a young Peter Tosh singing appropriately "You can't fool me again"...and I think to myself, with a smile... how perfect.  

The leaves on the trees on this fall afternoon are gold, sparkling and twisting - it is the end of fall and with the end comes the burst of final color, bright and brilliant - like the last being squeezed out by the desire of nature to hibernate and rest and recover.  It is like the brilliance is the essence of the forest and has been the root for all the green growth...and, "Of Course" I think to myself.  Any root that causes the green growth to blossom must be thick with essence and color and as winter comes first through the roots pushing the essence of growth up and through each branch and out each leaf it's like signal for what is to come and a farewell to what has been.  It is Vermont.  It is fall before winter, it is the last of lifes reach saying goodbye for a time and until soon again.

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