Friday, September 26, 2008

Welcome To The Jungle

And so it begins...
for me anyway
the next step in my journey.

From thoughts encased in skull and tissue and electric impulses
to expression of muted and twisted air
flowing, through my fingers and into some brave and cold and terrifying and wonderous
new world
and now to hear - to you...if there is a you out there.

I am putting my writing out to the public for the first time in un-edited, un-adulterated, free-flowing form.  The reason is because the writing is an expression of my view of myself and myselfs interaction with the world out there...

Because I believe that we as humans are not on a humane path.  Because I am sick of being quiet.  Because i don't care what authority says.  Because I don't care what you say.

My only wish would be that if one spark was created from this...
well simply that one spark would be enough.

I am running, perfectly and amusingly enough, for public office - and I think it's important to take this blog public because the ME that is running is representing beliefs and ideals that are larger than I am.  So for those of you that find fault, or judgement, or fear, or distaste in these cyber pages - I say to you...what is it that you recognize in yourself that allows you to feel these things...and i say the same to those that find love, beauty, passion, justice, peace and laughter...

all of life is a reflection, the question is, what is that you are reflecting?

Love to you all - and love to me, I write, with a smile.

Damon Brink

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