Friday, September 26, 2008

Watching the debate on how far we have come...what wonderful technology.  If only the candidates would rise above.  So far they are spending their time in sound byte territory - I have heard it all's been in the papers, just a re-hash for christ sakes...and no one really cares.  But that's fine because I do.  Not one word on the economy, on the bailout...not one word to talk about what is the largest issue to ever confront us as a nation, as a civilization as the example of the most heroic society in human history.  I guess talking about who would talk to Amedinijad...and throwing verbal jabs is more important.  I see nothing here.  nothing.  And we, the people who live here under the remnants of the united states will get exactly what we ask for.

I am turning it off.  There is nothing to see but the dark.  I go into the light...

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