Sunday, September 28, 2008

This is my 6 and a half day raw -

meaning nothing cooked - I think more than 103 degrees...maybe it's 108. Want a challenge, try it for a week.

There are people who live it.

My system, in just a week, is clean enough so that when I drink a glass of water, in less than 30 minutes I pee it out. It actually took me about an hour for the first pee and then less than 30 for the second one.

I am bouncing off the walls - not tired, although my muscles are getting tired. I still have a long way to go - plenty more to be cleaned out...but so far I can really feel it.
and it's good.

Thoughts of business, thoughts of lots of money, thoughts of it being OK, thoughts of offers, of millions, of huge, game changing success - not my game either. Although my game would have to change as embrace that success.

Take the whole place I think. If your going to do it do it all - lay the vision down and raise the money - cause you know it would work. You know it. And everything is in place to make it work...except...

No no, I was going to say "except me", but that's mighty punishing and for better or worse (funny) punishing is not what I want to be - it's what I want to fight. I want to fail on my own and spectacularly - as I have - maybe it needs to go further, farther? Both?

who knows - along for the ride I am, with some convincing (or not) ideas, assumptions and predictions about the human, the human.

Open up the whole space upstairs, take it all, Big Heavy moves in, incorporate the Radio Bean, The Radiator, recording studios, open up Old Gold's Stage, open up Muddys but keep the distinct vibes and share the customers...serve them all food from the back, including raw,...

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