Tuesday, September 30, 2008

selling your soul to the devil and knowing it

Allowing indignation to pass like a sail in the wind
I consider the consequences
and what is necessary to avoid the real catastrophe
the decimation of children's hope.

Where is the good - I ask myself.
where is the person telling us it's gonna be ok?
that's all we want
that and a reason to believe them
because we have been lied to
badly manipulated
and we don't believe anyone anymore

and there is not a leader to be found
not anywhere...
where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio - a nation turns it's lonely eyes to you...
the fact that I have woken up in this to the reality that there are non-humanitarians running the  joint - is - simply...

We will crash now
or we will crash later
and if we crash now it will hurt
a lot
but if we crash later
it will hurt 

because the issue is not that we are out of money
or have been for a long time
The issue is that we are out of character
and have been for a long time

all we are feeling now are the effects of our choices
as they said about Jordan (Michael)
"you can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him"
I say about our situation.
we can contain our effects by standing up and leading, and telling the truth and making sure our kids learn and making sure we leave something behind
other than the rubble of what was once
long ago
but is no longer

We can stand up.  But there is no one standing now.
Fucking stupid writers and fucking stupid Harvard Grads - 
(I could only keep the indignation at bay for a bit)
all writing and talking about the same thing
nobody saying anything
everybody talking
"we must avoid catastrophe"

I ask,
what is your definition of catastrophe?

mine, personally, and I don't know if this has anything to do with this at all...but...
mine definition of catastrophe is selling my soul to the devil, and knowing it.

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Anonymous said...

In the immortal words of Guy Fawkes, "The desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy".