Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Realist

What is the difference between a pessimist and a realist?

I don't know but what I do know is that there is only two things that scare me more than the thought of a government "bailout".  One, is the rejection of a government bailout by people who simply disagree with the terms of the bailout but not the concept of it.  Two, Circus Folk...smell like cabage...small hands.

So it happened today - why don't I feel the revolutionary zeal running through my veins?  How come I have this sense that the worst is still yet to come?  Is it possibly because there seem to be only two options...bail out or don't bail out.  And the first option comes with a plan, albeit the most destructive, suicidal (at least for Joe  American) plan ever...but the second option comes with nothing.

There is still no one talking - or at least no one in government talking about letting it go...About what would actaully, really, really, realistically, actually HAPPEN if we let it go.  Where are the charts, graphs, demographics, research, polling and surveys usually associated with news stories...?  There's nothing.

Think about that.  Why is it that no one is specifically outlining possibilities, good and bad, if we were to not have any bailout.  What would really happen?  Would people starve in the street, would there be mass confusion, would the lights go out, would thousands die?  How can you legitimately frame any type of argument without having "point" and "counter point"?  And why isn't it happening, if for no other reason than to prove that the bailout must happen?

I know there are people out there who have more money than I do and who have more of it tied up into things like Mutual Funds, Stocks and other devices of finance and that maybe they have more fear because they have more to lose...but for the sake of christ (literally) - where the fuck is the honesty?  Where the fuck is the wisdom and the compassion and the caring?  Where is the true pride in Country, Where are the true representatives of the United States of America?

Here is one, I am one.  I stand up and say NO BAILOUT EVER...Ever.  Not now, not ever.  Government get out of the way, it's time I made you my bitch...and it's time WE made government our bitch.

I wish I had the faith that there were people standing up for what the United States was founded on.  I wish those people rejected this ultimate scam because they believed they could be heroes to the next generation and learn from our hardship that there is more than borrowing beyond means, greed and credit.  I wish I could believe those things and I wish I could be pessimistic about it...but I think I am just a realist.

and the best thing...about the whole thing...is that this circus will continue.

Love Damon

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