Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Politics Schmolotics

I am confused.  I am angry.  I am skeptical but also full of hope for the future.


I do not understand what it is we are "bailing" out...are we bailing out the ideal that the US was founded on; free markets, less government, self - sufficiency, hard work?  Or are we bailing out crooks that took advantage of the system, who found the loopholes that would and will always be found if scoundrels are running things.  The difference between them and me, between you and them, is that faced with the same decisions they were faced with, I, You, would have made different choices.


What is the government doing in business?


Is the government designed to run businesses?  Does the government have experience running successful businesses?  Why then do they feel like they have the ability to run multi – billion dollar businesses?  Why do they think they can turn things around if the men and women who have been running businesses all their lives can’t?


I am confused.


The government doesn’t make money; the government takes money, our money.  It’s not a “government” bailout; it’s a bailout by the citizens of the United States.  The government has no resources beyond what you and I pay in taxes; do not misinterpret the language of the press.  It is you.  It is I.  It is our children and their children that are bailing out AIG, Bear Sterns and whatever comes next.  I didn’t vote for any of those bailouts, I wonder who is making these decisions and why and what it will mean.  And I can’t help but wonder if we are trying to solve the problems with the same mechanism that created them in the first place.


I am angry.


I do not know of one single, successful small business that is not essential to the health of its community.  If a small business in Jericho goes under, the community is going to feel it one way or another.  There are no bailouts for local businesses.  There are no rescue packages.  On the local level, on the Vermont level…it’s expected that the strong businesses survive in the face of challenges.  I think the reason we, Vermont, have stayed and will stay somewhat above the flood of economic crisis is because we have a relatively strong local business base.  I have faith in the local and regional banks of the area.  I see the Merchants Bank or Northfield Savings Bank weathering this storm because they made intelligent business decisions based on sound financial data, not criminally negligent business decisions based on greed.


I have hope for the future.


I think the people of Vermont have the integrity and resolve to resist the temptation of greed.  I think the people who live here, do business here and work here are connected to each other that connection is the antidote to greed and apathy.  I do not believe that frivolous, ignorant business decisions deserve to be bailed out, especially if it’s me that is doing the bailing.  I think many Vermonters feel the same way and I think Vermont can be a beacon of reason, truth and humanity in the face of grave national irresponsibility and neglect.


Vermont can be a beacon if we can put aside our bickering and fix our bridges.  Vermont can be a beacon if we can stop arguing about campaign finance and gay marriage and start focusing on building our private sector.  Vermont can be a beacon if we can stop arguing on how much to spend on education and start agreeing that there is nothing more important, nothing more important, than the education of our children and start there.  Vermont has a chance if we can stop fighting the reality that oil runs out and wind and sun never do.  Vermont has a chance if we can start looking at the State as a facilitator of entrepreneurship and empowerment to create business, jobs and revenue instead of a hindrance to those things.  Vermont has a chance if we stand up, “We The People”, and demand that government get out of our way; if we do that…Vermont has a chance to lead by example, not by government.


If you believe in smaller government, if you believe that the only way to truly solve the problems of our day is to empower as many individuals as possible, to engage as many minds as possible, if you believe that a dollar earned is better than a dollar given, if you believe there is nothing more important than the education of our children, if you believe that there is more to life than Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative…if you believe those things you can feel good about voting for me, because I believe those things.  I am running because my belief will dictate the decisions I make and you can trust that and you can depend on that.  My name is Damon Brink and I am running for State Representative from Chittenden – 8, Bolton, Jericho and Underhill.

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