Wednesday, September 24, 2008


There is a time that comes when you have to say, Enough!

Our Nation has been the greatest example of freedom in human history.  I think it's because we have Capitalism at the foundation of our society.  I also think that this Capitalist system of ours has been infected by our government for decades, each year moving away from the fundamental values that celebrate individual freedom.

The crisis of the economic market today is not a result of the failure of Capitalism.  It is the result of the success of Capitalism.  We just don't like the result and we "the government" want to change it, "we" want to intervene.  When you look back at our economic history, where else has the government intervened to change the results?  We haven't been operating in a free market for decades and now blame is being placed on Capitalism.  Now we are saying that we need more government intervention to stop the blood that has come from too much government intervention.

Make no mistake...there is value in Government.  There is value in the administration of justice and the upholding of laws, the building of infrastructure and the defense of our sovereignty.  The irony is that laws and regulation were already in place to avoid this.  The same systems that were in place to regulate are now asking for a bailout without even admitting their responsibility...When are we going to stand up and say, Enough!?

Vermont is unique.  In Vermont we could stand up and say, Enough.  We have a relatively strong local economy.  We can still buy food locally.  We have small business that create jobs for people that live here.  We have town meetings where the people who live here get together and talk to each other about our lives.  We have a spirit of independence and of entrepreneurship.

I don't think our government represents that spirit of independence and entrepreneurship.  I think it may have, at one point, but not for while and certainly not now.  I believe that the people of Vermont are the best resources for solving the problems that we face today but I also believe our government (the people we elect) thinks it (they) can solve and must solve the problems.  I do not agree that government should or could be the ones leading the charge to solve the problem.  I believe that every step should be taken to empower the people of Vermont.  

As citizens of Vermont we have to take hold of our futures and not leave it to the politicians and the institutions to lead the way.  Our government in Vermont is too big, regulation on small business is too burdensome, property taxes are too high for the value we receive.  I want to help change it.  I am not a politician but a life long Vermonter, student of Jericho Elementary, Mount Mansfield and UVM, entrepreneur and lover of what Vermont has been to me and what Vermont can be.

My name is Damon Brink and I am running for State Representative from Underhill, Jericho and Bolton.  If you have questions or want to comment please email me at

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