Friday, August 8, 2008

i want to walk

Chronicling the stories and choices
while listening to Peter Tosh - don't throw stones...
especially if you live in a glass house -
sung with the most rythmic magic you could ever here from a human voice
and filled with anger and pride

go to sally
type away (it was the saving choice)
hang with alex

-everyone is crying out for peace, non is crying out for justice - P. Tosh as currently sung

-there will be no peace-

- equal rights and justice -

both P.Tosh - Peter Tosh -

-everybody want's to go up to heaven-
-no body want to die -
he continues.

what choices i have before me - what choices we make -

slow down now, slow down - the choices
slow down the choices...
think of every choice you make and
the only choice=

no, non ononono

every choice you make...

I chose in my grief - to write -

my escape, and as I escape I knowingly escape,

-you can run but you can't hide-
chants tosh -

I am ignoring the truth...
i am ignoring the truth...

-downpressor man-

the truth is - I have a wife, i married a girl
I have a business that could use my help and profit
i want to walk
i am using writing to avoid my choices.

i know that.

i want to walk.

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