Wednesday, July 30, 2008

we have to know
damon -
we have to know
the evidence has been created.
if it's true
no one is safe -
no one has been safe -
if it's true we have
more to lose
BUt the evidence is presented and someone must answer these questions - they must answer these questions...
these questions are reasonable and they must be asked without judgment but with the innocence of a child -
These questions must be asked and we must have answers and I fear the answers are not good...I fear that the answers are not good and they are going to explode our worlds...but we must explode our worlds...what happens if we don't...
in the quiet of your home
in the silence of you mind
ask yourself, without telling anyone
ask yourself -
could it be true? Could this evidence be true?
These questions must be answered and it's I that will help to answer them
There is nothing more important.
we have not settled and our society is waiting to settle
we have not settled and we will settle soon
so we do not have time
there is no time -
it is ok to take a break from the budget and the environment and taxes and health care - to put the breaks on all of those distractions - imagine what they have done to us? Imagine what they have done...if this evidence is true -

the questions must be answered. I do not know how to go on in this world

they do not want your children to be educated...
imagine - we kill children from miles away
and with a gun to the head
but we can not educate our children?

What, ask yourself,
in your silence
wherever you are quiet
ask yourself

what if it's all a lie?

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