Thursday, July 24, 2008

This is my burn.

Not sure when I am going to go "officially" public with this thing...currently I am writing a few times a week, at least. Usually in bursts - like 2 or more posts at a time. Wondering what it means that I want to write on such a public and permanent space...wondering...wondering...

It's like my expression. It's mine - and it's for the world or the Whirled - depending on your perspective. I am not Hunter Thompson nor Oscar Wilde, nor Ayn Rand nor Victor Hugo...I am not Pablo Neruda nor Maya Angelou. And I can't care that i am not - and I do not care that i am not. In fact I am only Damon Brink - perfectly, no matter how much I try to dismay myself...I am Damon Brink and i am damon brink...perfectly. And I write because i have something inside me that feels good when it comes out...sometimes like a large crap, sometimes like crying, sometimes like what i imagine it feels like when Tiger Woods sinks a 15 foot put to win a major championship...and everything in between.

I have something inside me, as we all do, and this writing...this public putting of what is mine into the whirled of others...i do it to exclaim...THIS IS ME...THIS IS WHO I AM...FOR ALL AND EVERYTHING - I SHOUT IT OUT!

and until the time comes when i do not feel it necessary to shout it...i will shout it. Right now i am whispering...three months ago i was talking in my own head...i can see the progression.

What is Damon's Whirled?

Damon's Whirled is my perspective on life. It is uniquely me. It is my check and balance. It is my examination. It is my process for understanding and wisdom. It is my life as it bounces and crashes into LIFE...

I write what I see and then I write what I feel and sometimes I even write what I know...and it is all for me. It is my process and I make it public, like every writer who has ever lived, for validation.

I am Damon Brink. I love my life. I hate my life. This is my burn.

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