Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sometimes I am ashamed of my writing -

of how bad it is...

and then I think - it's not all bad -

so maybe there's not good and bad -

just writing - relating



I wonder to myself - what have i done?

and i think to myself - who gives a fuck!

and then i think of how i punish myself -

selling nectar's would be to stop punishing myself.

it's true.

I would hope someone could come along and give me a pretty penny and run the joint right, and better than I.

and i could step away - to play
all day
every day
in the hay
hay hay
and you know what they say...

hit the hay.

They need a super computer to track the emails -

emails are the new scud missles -
emails are the mean guys in suburbans...

they need a super computer to track and search for certain words or phrases...why else would design a super computer that could do quadra zillions calculations a second...what else?

These words are forever as there is man kind///or possibly not depending on how far we go...

But they will all end

as we will all end

at some time.

and so - you must ask yourself...what is the point? What do we want to look like when we grow up. What can we be.

And can we fly.

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