Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the responsibility of choice

I just read about "the apology"

it may have been the saddest thing i have ever read. There is nothing i can think of that could drive tensions and encourage racial hatred more than a public apology for slavery...
You can't believe a word of it. Because you can't believe that those, whoever they were (and weren't, like the 30 black reps that weren't part of the original bill) who originated this blasphemous, mocking "apology"...

Two points:

1-What does it mean to think that something like this abomination can substitute for any type of genuine expression of regret or sadness - in fact, the apology itself says - "on behalf of the american people" - fuUck you i say to them...FUCK YOU>>>

1.5 - do not speak on my behalf. my indignation for your "apology" is second only to my disgust at your motives without the added offense of speaking on my behalf. I am disgusted with you, my government.

2. You, whomever YOU may be, must question the motives and as a source for that questioning ask yourself this question: How does the "apology" make you feel? Think about it........

Now ask yourself this question:

How is an apology supposed to make you feel?

Start your exploration from there.

And tell me something else while you are at it - why now? always...Why Now?

why now with our first black presidential candidate (for all intents and purpose). WHY NOW?

Is there anyone of strength left out there? Are my strong black brothers out there.

there are choices to be made
and being made
every second
of responsibility
of choice
will help.

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