Tuesday, July 8, 2008

it's Not a dream and it's not OK

Vermont issued an air quality warning yesterday for today, Tuesday, for 24 hours. The Free Press says the ANR (The Agency of Natural Resources) attributes the air quality alert to "Diesel vehicles, power plants, industry and many other sources".

I say how much more bullshit is there to shovel out.

First of all - I don't think there could be poorer reporting by the Free Press. As a life long Vermonter I do not remember ever seeing an alert like this one. Meaning as an article in the paper. I have seen, in the last 5 years or so, occasional coded information (much like the terror color codes that our Federal Government uses) for air quality alerts...but if the Free Press feels it necessary to put an actual article about an air quality warning I expect there to be some detail to it...

Secondly - it's either the Free Press or the ANR who is shoveling shit...or both. What kind of response is "Diesel vehicles, powerplants, industry and other sources"...the BS is so thick it actually gets to me...and I am a person who is used to paying attention to the increasing amount of BS that is shoveled at all times - but this article is an example of how horrendous things have actually gotten.

What does the Free Press (ANR) get out of printing something like this...an air quality warning? And then not detailing it's cause or any type of opinion beyond saying what they have. Are there really so many Diesel vehicles traveling our roads that they are polluting the air? "Power Plants"?? What does that mean? Power plants from Vermont? From out of State? What kind of power plants? Vermont gets almost 70% of it's energy from not carbon emitting Hydro and Nuclear...so what "power plants"? "Industry" - what does this mean? "Industry"? So this is the answer to why pristine Vermont is now affected to the point of needed to have a public warning about air quality..."Industry"? What does that mean? What type of industry, from where? And finally ... "Other Sources"? How can the Free Press even print this..."Other sources", that's like saying: Trust us, we know, you, the people of Vermont, don't need to know why you cannot breathe the air in our Green Mountain State...just accept "other sources" as a reason...ohh yeah and those diesel vehicles...

This article is not the cause of anything, other than frustration, but it is an effect of the fact that we, the people, have been abandoned by those that we have blindly and lazily put our confidence in.

look at it this way:

The Point: We are being warned that the air (our life) is not safe to breathe
The Message: We (ANR, through the Free PRess) could care less...we did our job of warning you. Don't think about how it got to be this way - in fact we are going to treat you like the children you are and simply tell you lies (Diesel vehicles), Inconsistencies (Industry, Power plants) and random, unprovable filler (Other sources) and expect that our job is done.

Result: The Free Press has failed. There is nothing "Free" about it.

it makes me want to scream at people - wake up wake up wake up wake up. It's not ok. It's not ok. It's not ok. Wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up.

it's not a dream and it's not ok.

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