Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today's question - the only question that can yield a way forward for our country, our way of life and our children.

Do we impeach the President?

The questions that must be asked and the things that must be considered here are nothing short of the most important considerations or our time.

It is my opinion that we must STOP. We, the people, must STOP. We must take a deep breath and think about our allegiences and our values and our children and our ideals. The world today, our country today, both are crazy places filled with fear and crisis and death and seems to be all we here seems to be all that people are thinking about...

There are so many questions to to solve this, how to alleviate that, how to ease the pressure hear, ethics committees, oversight, regulation...

The issues we face today are too convuluted to be solved, there is not enough reliable information on top of the reality that the problems that exist today are results of years and years of choices that have already been made.

it is my opinion that the people of the United States of America, you and me, need to conduct an honest, brutal exploration of the choices that have been made in the last 8 years for one reason, one reason only - the good of our country and our children. It is time to take the personalities out of the equation. It is time to remove politics from the decision making process. Impeachment will allow the entire county to evaluate the nature of the choices we made. It will allow the innocent to plead their case and it will allow the guilty to answer for their crimes.

But how? How do we do it? We do it first by not considering it a waste of time or money. Think of all the other things we spend our time and money on. We do it first by considering impeachment an absolute necessity to restoring a sense of foundation to our country and our people. A sense that no one person, party, committee is bigger than the ideal of the United States. We do it be acknowledging our worth as humans and as Americans. We do it by saying to ourselves that we love our country above all. We do it by acknowledging, no matter what political or religious beliefs we have, that the current day society we find ourselves in is NOT close to what we believe it could be. No matter what party we believe in or how we choose to believe we do this by having faith in ourselves as free people and believing that our world, our country, our children are worth more than is reflected today.

There is no more important question. THere is no more important action than impeachment because impeachment will not divide will unite US...Impeachment will allow the people to ask the questions...impeachement will return us to a place of dignity and we may not like what we find but we will be heroes of our own volition for demading that we find it. Impeachment signifies that we are not afraid to be imperfect, we are not afraid of failure, we are not afraid to demand from our government what we demand from ourselves and our children.

It is my opinion that there is not another more pressing or urgent or vital issue of our time...July 30, 2008.

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