Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I woke myself last night
with a muted scream
building in a dream
as in waking life

a low murmur growing to a stunted crescendo
before waking
and waking sally
I was afraid in my dream
I was afraid
while at the same time
I knew I was dreaming

I had no other choice
it was too terrible not to wake myself
to shake my conscious

and as I lie
in fear and self confusion
I began to think
what I possibly could have been afraid of?

what could have been so terrible
and I don't recall my exact dream
only that I was lying in a bed
and it was necessary to raise a noise from my throat
necessary to show myself I was alive
and able to rouse

the low scream pushed out by the only thing that could possibly push it...

But of what.

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