Friday, July 25, 2008

The expensive proposition of turning day.

I need an explanation for why there is night time construction being done on Interstate 89 between Richmond and Williston. It's been going on for a month or so know...started on French Hill, Northbound and has now moved to the Williston Flats...before the rest area.

Huge lights two stories high light the night, dozens of lights - perched atop towers anchored each in their own generator. Massive amounts of energy being used...for what?

That's the explanation I need. Otherwise...without an explanation what is a concerned citizen to think? Could it be that there is too much traffic on 89 N between Exit 11 and 12 during the day? Could that be? I drive that road almost daily - if not thee times a week - and never, once, in 20 years have I seen what could be confused as "traffic". Why night work?

Is there another explanation?

Could it be the heat? Could it be a safety thing (is it safer at night?)? I really need an explanation that helps this concerned citizen to understand the need to night into day...especially when we have a perfectly good 12-14 hours of day...starting every morning. How much must it cost to turn night into day?

Why are we fixing Interstate 89 at night? I really need an explanation...otherwise I am going to keep making up my own answers.

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