Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The answer will never be found in top down economics. There has been more talk this morning about another "stimulus" plan - Government folks once again thinking the answer comes from them...that somehow they think they can "solve" America's financial problems. The joke is that no one can save America except for the people of America, the workers and the small business owners who create the foundation and pool from which the whole county builds.

I can smell the arrogance of the corrupted political process and it makes me many elected that have allowed the ignorance of power and conformity to become them. Such lack of vision is to be expected in a system that rewards victory at all costs. Todays system of governance is not about governance at all but about winning...

The soul of the political process is like an abandoned fact there really is no difference. The child, our future, our most valuable resource, sits unattended as bigger and better things are addressed. The reason for our being on earth sits, confused at how there could be anything more important - and yet there are, many things more "important".

Any politician today suggesting that the answer has anything to do with government intervention is at best a fear filled conformist and at worst and arrogant, cowardly, sod.

The only way to financial freedom is individual freedom. The only way out of this mess involves a freeing of the people to solve the problem. Less regulation, less interference by government, more responsibility given to the people...more acceptance of failure, more failure, more failure - failure is good - it keeps one sharp and on top of their game. "Victory" is the formula for the complacent and lazy - we must be allowed to cycle naturally - to try and fail and try again - each time making adjustments that improve whatever product it is we have.

The more the government interferes with this process the less minds there are at work, the less responsibility the people have...the more complacent and lazy people get, the more the people expect...the more the government must provide.

If you want to solve the problem you must first take full responsibility for your role in creating it. Simple. Until that happens there will be no solution. And if you look at what's coming from the heads of state - you will find nothing, nothing even close, that points to an accepting of responsibility. What you will find is only the passing of the buck, the blaming and the ultimate arrogance of people who think there are no effects to the actions they take.

god damn

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