Sunday, June 8, 2008

What a show

Sunday, lazy Sunday -
the day after a long, hard and tremendously fun weekend...but HARD...

physical work -

what a day
the sun shone through the forrest - turning the air green
beautiful girls danced, as they do, at the river
and I jumped in
cleansing me
my church...

my friend is here and I love him -
his blackness
my whiteness
I don't let them get in the way - any more than I know -

which is to say...

I look at what I see
and I see what I like
I see what I fear
I see what I love
I see I see I see

and my sight traps me...

and to expand I must learn to see without recognition of the physical thing.


see without seeing

but truly to see - to close my eyes and see.

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