Wednesday, June 4, 2008

we are too busy asking ourselves questions

Because change, growth is supposed to be hard, painful, fearful...because it's new...we humans love to label it fear.

But what if there is nothing to be afraid of.

What if when you feel that pain, that becomes a signal, a signal from which you can take two roads. The first road is the road most take - Get rid of the fear, get rid of the bad feeling - this first road has no end, it is a circle and the path will take you by but not through the pain and fear that is really a doorway to a beautiful you follow this first world you will feel remnants of the signal but as you go around and around those remnants get weaker and weaker, until someday you will have hidden them from yourself all together. But because that original signal is your does not extinguish - but it hides away, deep away...and it will take greater effort to veer off your circular path -

the question to ask is ... is the sameness of your life enough for you?

Once the circular path is taken it becomes reliable to take it again and again as the signal hits you again and again...

And because most people elect to take the circular route when faced with a signal from their soul, we have millions and millions all traveling in circles, not breaking out of their comfort zones. This common feature of the human decision making process yields similar dilemmas in life - like competition, pettiness, arrogance, violence and just about any of the negative emotions you can think of...

The truth of it is you will never make your life fulfilling while traveling the circular path - for a while you may enjoy the sights you see but you will see them again and again and again and eventually you will no longer be able to lie to yourself enough to change the fact that you life is a series of repetitive events and repetitive reactions to them...but because the events don't change much, the reactions don't change much - predictability sets in - and in your quest to explore, to break free, to are ill equipped because you have never gone straight ahead but always turned back on your same path -

without realization of this circular path a life will follow a pattern of de-evolution...excitement will be replaced by comfort, joy by a constant but possibly low frequency sadness; for others there will be anger and expectation, and still others will experience mania and consistently inconsistent behavior - in fact you will find most aspects of the human personality expressed today are a result of a circular path chosen, as a result of feeling fear, anxiety, pain and wanting not to understand the message they are sending but instead want only for the feelings to end.

The cosmic and comic irony in all of this is that we end up ignoring the signs that the god of us has for us all, we end up turning away when we are so close to the doorway that leads to deeper understanding. And instead, in turning away, we commit ourselves to an circular journey...because the only victory is to feel fear but not be afraid. Imagine fear as the most good, imagine pain as the best guide, they, both, are beautiful manifestations of the magic and eternal wisdom of the human. By denying them and turning away we deny our humanity, we deny our essence and the double whammy is that we then punish ourselves for our lives...

what funny creature we are...what simple answers we do not of self is the answer...but we are too busy asking ourselves questions.

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