Monday, June 16, 2008

True Beauty

not much good here so least the last two articles...I suppose someone at sometime will read this and I apologize.  

The ideas of men, I think - to myself - the ideas of men
they are all the same
the same

what are we distracted from?
i wonder
-to myself-

that we all die.

it's just how

-the why-

What, I wonder, - To myself - is going on
truly - 
as wonderful as it can be to be lost...
I am lost
and the only difference is I am beginning to admit it

and then beginning to be comfortable in it - 
but not really - no

like most people - 


not really! 

-I press the keys harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrddddddddddd)

not really - i press light -

i am not comfortable - or am i?

and I can't help but WOnder
what wonder it is...

-and the i think- how can there be two?

wonder's - 

how can there be two wonders - 

and on that note - 
I go to my bed - to see my beautiful dream who is sally - 

true beauty - true.

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