Monday, June 16, 2008

It's time to get down to it.  Once and for all, for the love of god and man and earth and truth...for the love of a stance.  For the love of something to believe in...once and for all...lets get down to it!

Let the conversation begin.  Let it be civilized, let it be brutal.  Let the anger out.  Scream at each other...we must...we need to.  I need to!  

Something is terribly wrong and it's nothing that a republican or democrat or republicrat or demican can fix.  You can feel it.  Every where you go, everything you see...something is wrong.  What have we done?  

Do we teach our children how to kill?  Or do we teach them how to love?

A great man once said "there is no compromise between food and poison" is either poison or one isn't.  This issue...the issue of our day...the only issue worth considering...has the same dilemma.

America is the greatest country on earth.  Americans have been the beneficiaries and participants, all of us...ALL OF US, in the greatest social experiment of all time.  But our life is expiring.  We do not live upon the ideals that we were founded and we are paying for our complacency.  But don't worry either - there is still a hero in you, I know it because there is one in me and if there can be one in me, there can be one in anyone.  There is no need (or possibility) for perfection, perfection is not what I want.  But truth...truth is a need.  

The more we bicker amongst ourselves about the Donkeys and the Elephants the more we lose sight of the cages that are closing in around us.  And the cages are closing in...and the cages don't care what you believe as long as you don't believe in freedom and truth.

There is an answer.  

Drop what we are doing...and seek the truth.  Because if we are building on lies upon lies then we are not building what we think...that's why it "feels" wrong.  Drop what we are doing...and seek the truth.  In a land full of only comic book and movie screen heroes...we have a chance to be heroes again ourselves.  Drop what we are doing...and seek the truth.  Stop it all, we are in a recession after all - what a perfect time to slow things down - Stop it all and seek the truth.  It's time to have a nationwide conversation.  It's time to focus inwards on one defining issue.  It's time to let the anger and frustration out...together as a country...

For the sake of our children, our warriors and our is time to be what is best in us, not what is worst.  It is time for a conversation on where we have been, where we are and where we are going and there is only one way to have that conversation.  There is only one way to get down to it...we have chance...but we only have one chance...

Impeach Bush.

"Impeach" means we get to talk about does not mean guilt.  It means...something is not right and we need to talk about it.

Impeach Bush and lets talk about the best of America.  Lets reclaim our place as fearless revolutionaries, as Americans, as people who have been given water fountains in place of draught so that we could contemplate the greatest challenges of human kind and not worry about dying of thirst.

Rise above your divisive beliefs, whatever they may be and become relevant again.

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