Monday, June 9, 2008

It was a day when the heat was so hot, it seemed to come from the inside. Sweat flowed freely in great drops and drips, my body was a faucet. And only one thing to do in that case...hard work, to increase the healing flow of fluid and a dip in the river to ice over the pores. The mountain river is a wondrous and magical thing, even in the heat of summer, the river stays cool, otherworldly cool. You wonder how it could be so, as lakes and ponds become extensions of the heat. The mountain river gets it's source from a place dark and pure and is insulated by the deep gorges and rocks of it's path. And so that is where I head on this afternoon, happy, as if I have been swimming already - the sweat pours from me as I make my way down the leafy ravine.

I am visiting a friend. And on first glance of the water, running over rocks, through the green branches - I smile. Anticipation of the chilling embrace takes me back to youthful days when a walk to the river was more than a respite from the heat but an adventure of epic proportions. I feel the remnants of epic now, as I wind down and around, over rocks and slippery branches...finding the well worn path that follows the contour. It smells like wet earth here, fresh and dense and as I turn onto the path, parallel to the river I feel the cooler air flowing out and above the water, like its own river. The music of the mountain whispers promises to me and I walk on.

At the hole - I see people. And beautiful girls. Too many to count, my heart pounds. No. Five of them, skin, beauty, sex, dark and light eyes dance. My heart wavers. I accept the trade of solitude for the heavy grip of lustfully unaware girls. And the thought passes through my mind..."do they know?".

The thankful river is there, though. And my thoughts, like the sweat from my body, are cleansed as I plunge into the amber water, heavy with rainfall and deep cooling. Sitting today - I can still feel the cool, my core, my reactor - I can still feel it cooling...there is no defense for a cold river dip on a hot day, no defense whatever.

I pop up and swim - I had walked right over and through the beauties and with little acknowledgement I did what they had been pondering. "Perhaps that stuck in there mind" I think...such beauty with such confusion of soul. The curse of woman is the lack of understanding of beauty. The greatest irony...I think to the greatest beauty.

But I don't worry too much of those things...I have been cooled. The river has saved my from the heat and my thoughts...and as I pass back through the nymphs I look towards the green path and begin my hike out. I go slowly - it will do me no good to be heated again on the climb.

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