Monday, June 30, 2008

I must dive into the hypocrissy
if I am to ever come up for air

To be a hero is not to be without tension
it is to live in tension
and to make order of the tension
to make the tension
the test

It is to acknowledge the choice
and the possible result
I will come out on one side or the other
I will come out

to be a hero is to dictate which side you come out on

I am not concerned with the frivolity of people
and yet I put myself in frivolous positions
I invite my test

I am not confused.

I will not be confused -
through it all
through life and pain and dread and fear
I will lift up because of one thing and one thing only
I will carry myself through
the maze of human conditions created from fear
I will always have a map
until one day (and today)
I will see the other side
I will have arrived at the beginning once again
but with my wisdom of my years
I will no longer be child

One thing - through it all

I will not be confused.

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