Friday, May 23, 2008

Whirled Pease

Today I have been thinking about conspiracies and life and slavery and choice...and how it all applies to my life, my

I wonder NOT if we are slaves BUT...Do I care? Am I more comfortable accepting my slavery? Will it be too much work, to uncomfortable to be free? And then I wonder if I am already gone...

Gas is at $4 a gallon and I think it's just the beginning. To choose to follow that reality is to choose to see things one never thought one would see (but also - haven't we always known, somewhere deep, somewhere pure). People (me) cannot afford the effects of these gas prices. We, all of us, our entire foundation, our economy...all dependant on cheap oil. The price at the pumps are only one effect of thousands relating to high fossil fuel costs...but still...we do nothing, nothing of substance. It's like the freight train that we have been hearing in the distance for years is bearing down on us, light blaring, no more horn though - there is no need for the horn because a horn signifies a chance to avoid a collision...and there is no hope to avoid a collision.

And yet we do nothing, or next to nothing...we do human things like use a little less toilet paper, we turn lights off when we didn't before. We wear blankets, some of us even heat with wood, some buy electric cars, some grow gardens...mostly human business that allows us to feel safe and the truth is, now, we are safe. But the truth also is that we have lived a life above our natural means. We had a chance to align technology and environment, human progress and sustainability...but we didn't take it and even those that say they didn't agree...went along with the flow and now we are too far gone to go back and we will feel the effects of our causes and they will be in direct relationship to the way each of us have lived our lives.

hmmm, whooooooooo...I sigh...enjoying the voice of the reader that is reading The Fountainhead, in the background, while I type.

Do I sell my business? Do I take the money and run? I am the only thing that matters...? Right? Is it the right choice? Is it a choice I want to make? The offer is in. I will be faced with another decision soon enough.

Until then...

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