Monday, May 26, 2008

I dreamt of what I don't know I don't know

Sunday I read an article about a woman who had a stroke - during the stroke one side of her brain was damaged and in essence, seeked to function. The result was that she experienced a loss of ability to communicate in words, make sense of numbers, read and understand communication. What was interesting was that she said she gained a vision of the connectedness of all things. She said she was able to see the connection of the atoms (energy) in all things, she had the realization that we are all connected and she said it was an experience of Nirvana. She had been a highly respected Neurobiologist at Harvard before this happened, a scientist so it wasn't something that she didn't study into...and my point is, no matter what she comes up with, whether she is lying, delirious, insane, how much don't we know...that we don't know. How much can we not even begin to comprehend about our lives and our spirits, our souls and our humanity?

I think - whether it's a story that this woman is telling or it's real - that the connection between the humanely logical brain and the disconnection from all that we know is a fascinating subject. If you believe that there is more to life than what we can comprehend then it follows that the more we know...the less we know...right?

Because *** DISCLAIMER*** If you think that all we know and can know is right in front of us...if we are the dominators of the universe...if WE are all that there will not be able to grasp this concept ***END DISCLAIMER*** Because - knowledge, and this is nothing new here, is like a prison. The sooner you lock something into your logical brain - like you KNOW it - the sooner your creative brain, your searching brain stops asking questions...and to stop the search to to die. And in fact I think that this could be the reason that we die - because we have accepted that we are going to die - we have accepted that we can't fly, so we walk, we have accepted that we cannot breathe under water, so we do not...we have accepted that we are hopeless, failures - so we stop searching for the love that is in us all.

Knowledge is death. The answers are a trap. Existence is the key. Experiencing one self in all things.

and of course - water falling down mountains...

peace, love and questions...

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