Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cartoon Existence

If you believe that knowlege is power...
You are right...

Power in the realm of man.
Power amongst others that feel the same way...

That's how they make it a race.
That's how the distraction is completed.
That's how the loss is justified.

On the plane of men.
In the realm of thought and idea
with the destruction of creativity

We have assumed our self appointed thrown
we have anointed ourselves with great pomp
and circumstance
and no regard for anything outside of ourselves
and no mind of it, either.

when it's race, someone must win and lose
there is competition to beat men

But how can you beat a man?

Except in our comic book existence...

the great distraction - I call it - the great distraction...

like the price of gas matters
like the right job
like the right charities
like it matters...

there is an amazing hustle and bustle - like one of those cartoon fights...
you know the ones - where there is nothing but a moving knot of activity
that consumes all that is inside it but exists separate in the frame...
and occasionally a "*" or a "#" or "&" comes flying out of the knot...
and you see a bone or an "eek" or a bandage - come cartoonishly flying out of the knot...

our existence is like that fight - the human experience - all fighting
in this little knot - effecting everything in the knot considerably and forever and immediately
but with no acknowledgment of the bigger frame
and our place in it.

I do not think it is operable.
But I am operable.
So fuck them.

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