Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Take away the expectations and it's amazing what you can do"

I read something great today. And I felt like I could celebrate and let it out a bit, like releasing balloons into the sky (biodegradeable of course).

A week ago yesterday 16 year old Jessica Watson docked her yacht in Sydney Harbour "after a solo, non-stop, unassisted voyage around the world that made her the youngest person to achieve such a feat" (Sports Illustrated, May 24, 2010).

She was at sea alone for 210 days and sailed 23,000 nautical miles.

She had the benefit of amazing support and technology but she was still at sea, 23,000 miles and 210 days, by herself...16 years old...

He Yacht capsized seven (7) times along the way.

The "great" thing I read was a quote by the youngster:

"[Others] don't realize what young people, what 16-year-olds and girls are capable's amazing when you take away those expectations, what you can do".

Amen sister and THANK YOU!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Guns and Checkbooks

The Times...They are a Changin'...

"By 2011, according to defense department officials, 20,000 active-duty troops will be assigned to help state and local authorities respond to domestic crises"

The Soft Kill Solution
Harpers Magazine, April, 2010.

I think we have become the frog in the boiling water. It seems clear to

Everyone can be a terrorist.

These are troubling times if you are confused and clear, defiant times if you can see the truth.

Who are these people that hold the guns and the checkbooks
promenading, pompous, nose
raised to avoid the stench
that clings to them
as they shout and proclaim their fame
and blame and name the answer
with rolled up sleeves
and fatherly connotations
looking down because it is the only way they
can rise up
but who are they
even more
who adopted the whores
and who screams like a baby
for more and more
and lustfully, hungrilly
gorge themselves on the bestial
battles of the mind
they, the refuse of humanity,
those that are not sickened but
struck firm by the single
the one answer
those that beg for the rules
the fools and their tools
of sedation
frustration has long been forgotten
and replaced with the waste
of ideas misbegotten
you silly fuckers - I say
it's you who's betrayed
just don't allow it
is wasted for fear and denial
there is nothing to do
but wait for the trial
and for me
you will see
I will never give in
or give up
or give out
i've nothing to win
that hasn't been won
you silly fuckers - I'm done.